We are a family operated farm committed to preserving and improving the land through natural means.  Raising our livestock ethically in conditions that allow the livestock to express natural behaviors daily.

We specialize in Traditional farming methods that do not include chemicals, or confinement systems.  Our cows and sheep are on pasture consuming grass and legumes.  The pigs are in an open air hoop house in large pens with deep bedding that allows them to do piggy things like root and make mud holes.  The chickens and geese free range about the farm.

In 2014 We entered into an agreement with Stafford County under the Purchase of Development Rights Program to preserve our farm as a farm in Perpetuity.  Walnut Hill Farm will always be a farm preserving open space, participating in water quality programs, and providing wildlife habitat.

Farm Store is open Saturday and Sunday 2 – 5 pm.  Products we offer are 100% Grass Fed Devon Beef, Tamworth Heritage Pork, Pastured Lamb, Fresh chicken (seasonally) and eggs.

Based on pasture rotations you can see cows, sheep, mules, chicken from the vicinity of the farm store.

Tours are by appointment.


Farm Store is open Saturday and Sunday 2 - 5 pm.

Phone: 540-752-2909
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