Veteran Owned & Operated Farmers Market open Wednesday evenings from 3 pm to 6 pm, Mid-May through August, behind University of Mary Washington Stafford Campus.

We offer farm fresh products as well as a wide variety of other locally produced goods. We operate on the belief that local goods are the linchpin of our economy. In addition to fresh produce, you will find meats, honey, baked goods, granola, ice cream, pickles, pizza, popcorn, salsa, coffee & tea, soaps & other personal care products, hot foods, and a whole lot more Farmers Market bringing you fresh produce, meats, jams & jellies, pizza, popcorn, salsa, ice cream & a whole lot more!

We strive to provide a great experience for our customers by selling only the very best products available at competitive prices while making it fun to shop and connect to our community.


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Mon: 11 - 2pm
Tues: 11 - 10pm
Wed: 11 - 9pm
Thur: 11 - 9pm
Fri: 8 - 10pm
Sat: 8 - 10pm
Sun: 8 - 4 pm

Phone: 5708860822
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